Boilers And Furnaces

First off, yes, I do have experience both servicing, and installing boiler systems. I'm still taking care of my first system from when I was a service tech for a company in Boise. When I started my business here, the nice folks sought me out to keep servicing their boiler system. After they passed away, the new owners have continued to keep me coming back to Boise, even though it's at the edge of my territory.

Again, one of the biggest killers of furnaces is dirt, especially dirty filters, or indoor air conditioner coils. The scary part is your furnace could be dead with a cracked heat exchanger, killing you with carbon monoxide, but still keeping you nice and toasty warm. Please get and replace your carbon monoxide detector every 5 years. Trust me, you are worth it.

Furnaces, and boilers should be checked and cleaned once a year. Now this doesn't have to be in the fall as long as it is once a year. March is just as good of time as any, just as long as it's cold enough to properly check the draft of the flue.

For those who have electric furnaces, you need to have your furnace checked once a year too. You have sequencers that need to be checked to make sure they are working properly, and not running up your power bill. You also need to have the wires checked to make sure none are starting to burn.

One final thought. If your furnace has a reset switch anywhere on it, especially oil, only press it once. I repeat only press the reset switch once. If it doesn't work, or lite right away, leave it a lone, and call for assistance. By continuing to press the button in hopes of getting heat, all you are doing is building a bomb, especially with an older oil furnace. I am here to help. Call me before it explodes.