Maintenance Agreements

What is a Maintenance Agreement? Since some in my industry have made it seem complicated, I will start with what is is not. It is not a guarantee you will never have a problem with your system, just like changing the oil on your car is not a guarantee it wont break down.

Maintenance though is the only way we can assure you get the most out of your equipment. Even I don't want to have to replace my furnace, or A/C any sooner then I have too.

As systems get newer, and more high tech to meet Federal standards, the necessity for maintenance increases. These systems just don't have the loose tolerances like the old ones. One of the biggest examples are the flame sensors on gas furnaces. They need to be cleaned yearly. It might continue to work, but instead of it sensing the furnace lit on the first try, it might take 2 or 3 tries, which shortens the life of the ignitor and control board.

To keep the A/C up to efficiency, it needs to stay clean. It might work, but your power bill will slowly go up, and life of the unit will slowly go down.

As my Dad says, "Maintenance is cheap. It cost money to buy parts." I will gladly help you with your system repairs or maintenance. I'll be honest though, I have a soft spot for those who take care of there systems. The cost of the Maintenance Agreement is just that, the cost of the maintenance. No hidden fees for services you may or may not use. You also get 15% off parts and labor on all repairs for a year, and priority service over those who don't have a Maintenance Agreement.

No gimmicks or hype, just good old fashion service at an honest price.