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Welcome to my little home on the web. I'll do my best to make your stop here worthwhile, even if it's the middle of the night and your bored and can't sleep.

My name is E.J. Bear. I'm the head broomeister (aka, Janitor) Service Tech, Installer, and owner of this dream/business called "Bear's Climate Control". I started this dance back in 1996 with 3 credit cards, and a tool pouch with one simple goal, 'To Help People'.

Thankfully today, the credit cards are all gone, as well as the truck payments, and such. The tool pouch has been replaced numerous times, including everything in it, but the goal is still the same, I want to help people.

I suppose the normal thing would be to brag about graduating 2nd in my class in 1987 at UTI in Phoenix for HVAC and Commercial Refrigeration. Or about all my experience, with continued education. Then add about having the latest Design Software to guarantee the system of your dreams, but honestly the fancy pedigree, and latest tools are for me.

I don't consider my job to be just fixing or replacing units, its about earning your trust. I need the trust, so you'll believe me when I tell you about needing to change your air filters more often, or to have your equipment serviced regularly. So when I tell you it will be cheaper in the long run to replace your equipment, but mostly when I get done, and I tell you not to worry, everything is fine.

The last thing I need you to know, that even though I need to earn a living, this is my home. I grew up here, and I plan to be buried here. We will see each other around, and I want to make sure when you see me, it brings a smile to your face.